Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hellooooooooooooooooooooo wadup gaise? Ya Allah I can't believes that we're together for this long time and until today.I never taken this relationship thing very seriously, and I never thought I'm end up fallin' for you haha.It's funny when I remind myself the time that we first know each other.

I don't know what to say anymore,I'm gonna make this post quick and easy.Just wanna say .. Am,Happy 7th month anniversary. Although we're far apart,you'll be always be apart of me.Even we're so far away, but our love didn't.

I admit it,sometimes your words hurt my feelings and I know you're the same.I'm sorry if I hurt you for this 7th month.I promise I'll be a better person, a good girlfriend to you.Every single day, I try to make you happy.

I love you so much, nothing can describe how much I love you.Nothing can replaced my feelings toward you.Please hold me close, protect me, and love me as much as I do 'cause I don't want someone else to do it.You is all I ever wanted Am.

Since we're far apart,I can't stop counting the days, I can't wait 'till the time you'll come back and meet me.I miss you so much,I must admit that I'm not strong enough to be in this long-distance relationship.But everytime I think of you,I remind myself that you go there for a good sake and I'm lucky to have someone special like you to missed.

Lastly,I hope we'll be together forever sayang.I'm afraid of losing you.Our heart will be always togehter no matter what happen. I love you so much Adham, I really do

Friday, December 16, 2011


Am already went to Kedah for his study. 3 yeears he'll stay there. I can't accept the fact that me and him have to stay this far. We used to meet each other everyday, and suddenly, I've to stop meeting you. I can't stand this situation sayang.I swear,its so hard for me to let you go,but I have to. I feel like you're here beside me, really :'(

Only God knows how sad I'am now, how lifeless I feel. Makan ingat kau, and overall everything I do remind me of you because we used to do all the things together.I hope you'll be fine there, take care of yourself. And .. please don't forget me.

The perfume you gave to me, our picture together will be you when you're not beside me.I miss you baby, seriously I miss you. I miss hugging you, holding hand, laughing, joking .. and all. When I first know you, I'd never thought I will cry over you. Please come back faster Am ..

I hope this long-distance will not seperate us. My love for you is just too strong, and I don't wanna lose you. Please stay with me. I love you Am, I really do :'(

By: HusnaaZ's

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hi sayang :*

Adham bin Ramlee, Happy 5 and 6 month sayang. I just love the fact that we've been together for half an year. Sayaaang, I promise my love just for you. I promise I'll never leave you.I promise I'll never let you face your problem alone.I promise I'll always by yourside.If we're not meant to be, I promise,as long as you're trying, I'm staying.

Promise me sayang, you'll never leave me.Promise me, we'll be together no matter how hard the situation is.Promise me, that I'm the only one for you.Please, take care of this relationship.You complete my life with your love sayang.No relationship is perfect.There are always some ways you have to bend,to compromise,to give something up in order to gain something greater.But the love we have fr each other is bigger than these small diffrences.

Thanks a lot sayang,thanks for everything that you've done to me for this 6th month.I really appreciate it.Thanks for giving me your love,thanks for cheer me up when I'm down,thanks for wipe my tears everytime I creid.Thanks fr all the tickets movie and all, lol ..

I hope we'll last longer together,and mybe forever. We've less than one months, please spent your time with me.Don't forget me when you're there.I promise, I'll wait for you sayang.

You may never know how important you are to me and how much I cared for you,but you are and you will always be.Bear in mind that I couldn't afford to lose someone I've learn to care about so much.Never ask why I love you,just accept that I do,and that I will for the rest of my life

Sincerely, you girlfriend

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seriously it's been a long time I'm not updateting my blog since I'm busy with my Twitter lol .. I'mm not forgetting you,just no have any idea to write. So yeah, it's already 5am and I don't feel like sleepy at all, and decide to check up my blog .. I've noticed that my followers is increase. Thankyou gais!

My life's better now with Am, and friends. So yeah me and Izatul Ikmar is nothing now. I'm not wishing that but well aku diam salah aku bercakap salah so its better if we tak berkawan pun buat sakit hati kau and aku pun bertambah dosa asyik kutuk kau plus you ask for that. Sorry bebe, I can't be a good friend you're dreamed for. I thought you were the one of my closest friend, yah kita dulu macam mana and I know people tak expect pun kita nak jadi macamni.Okay let's just say people change.

My life now were completely by three of them, Mira,Chan,and Keran.I'm happy to know they're exist when someone's left. So, we get close and closer day by day. WE shared everything together 'till now. I'm not put my hope high on them but I just wished that we can be bestfriend forever. They cheer me up when I'm upset, gossip-ing this and those shits and they're just part of me now :')

Bebe, seriously shit, I hate you. I'm not the type of person yang suka mengaibkan orang but you're just too much. I spoke to you nicely, and aku yang kena balik. I'm just like, Hey wtf mtf? Okay now look, I've just told you that you've to know your limits with my boy, is that wrong? And I think if I do the same to your special one, you'll get mad too. You called me childish? You're childish one bebe. I've already say sorry to you, because aku ada la sifat kemanusiaan sikit and you ask me to belajar cara minta maaf yang betul? Bebe, it's actually you! You have to say sorry for what you've do, not me. Lucky you I don't tell the whole world about your story.I' not gonna reveal your identity in my blog.So yeah siapa makan cili terasa la pedasnya. I don't mind and jangan salahkan aku if Karma slaps you in the face. *What goes around comes around*

And that's all for today. Bofore I forgot, I didn't post about my 5 month anniversary lagi kan? So I'm gonna to post it later, with my 6 month anniversary. Bye gaise, stay safe ~

By: HusnaaZ's