Friday, December 16, 2011


Am already went to Kedah for his study. 3 yeears he'll stay there. I can't accept the fact that me and him have to stay this far. We used to meet each other everyday, and suddenly, I've to stop meeting you. I can't stand this situation sayang.I swear,its so hard for me to let you go,but I have to. I feel like you're here beside me, really :'(

Only God knows how sad I'am now, how lifeless I feel. Makan ingat kau, and overall everything I do remind me of you because we used to do all the things together.I hope you'll be fine there, take care of yourself. And .. please don't forget me.

The perfume you gave to me, our picture together will be you when you're not beside me.I miss you baby, seriously I miss you. I miss hugging you, holding hand, laughing, joking .. and all. When I first know you, I'd never thought I will cry over you. Please come back faster Am ..

I hope this long-distance will not seperate us. My love for you is just too strong, and I don't wanna lose you. Please stay with me. I love you Am, I really do :'(

By: HusnaaZ's

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