Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seriously it's been a long time I'm not updateting my blog since I'm busy with my Twitter lol .. I'mm not forgetting you,just no have any idea to write. So yeah, it's already 5am and I don't feel like sleepy at all, and decide to check up my blog .. I've noticed that my followers is increase. Thankyou gais!

My life's better now with Am, and friends. So yeah me and Izatul Ikmar is nothing now. I'm not wishing that but well aku diam salah aku bercakap salah so its better if we tak berkawan pun buat sakit hati kau and aku pun bertambah dosa asyik kutuk kau plus you ask for that. Sorry bebe, I can't be a good friend you're dreamed for. I thought you were the one of my closest friend, yah kita dulu macam mana and I know people tak expect pun kita nak jadi macamni.Okay let's just say people change.

My life now were completely by three of them, Mira,Chan,and Keran.I'm happy to know they're exist when someone's left. So, we get close and closer day by day. WE shared everything together 'till now. I'm not put my hope high on them but I just wished that we can be bestfriend forever. They cheer me up when I'm upset, gossip-ing this and those shits and they're just part of me now :')

Bebe, seriously shit, I hate you. I'm not the type of person yang suka mengaibkan orang but you're just too much. I spoke to you nicely, and aku yang kena balik. I'm just like, Hey wtf mtf? Okay now look, I've just told you that you've to know your limits with my boy, is that wrong? And I think if I do the same to your special one, you'll get mad too. You called me childish? You're childish one bebe. I've already say sorry to you, because aku ada la sifat kemanusiaan sikit and you ask me to belajar cara minta maaf yang betul? Bebe, it's actually you! You have to say sorry for what you've do, not me. Lucky you I don't tell the whole world about your story.I' not gonna reveal your identity in my blog.So yeah siapa makan cili terasa la pedasnya. I don't mind and jangan salahkan aku if Karma slaps you in the face. *What goes around comes around*

And that's all for today. Bofore I forgot, I didn't post about my 5 month anniversary lagi kan? So I'm gonna to post it later, with my 6 month anniversary. Bye gaise, stay safe ~

By: HusnaaZ's

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