Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy four month anniversary.

Hal-uuuuuuuuuu kauorang semuaaaa.Sihat tak? K,jangan nakal-nakal ye. Muah,sayang kauorang :*

happy four month anniversary.Haaaa,besau tak? I love you so much baby,soooooo much.I hope that we can be together forever,I mean a long-lasting relationship.And I hope that you've never change.Huh? What I mean?

K,haritu I nampak you macam lain je.That time,aku rasa macam kau dah tak sayang aku jaa.Text pun reply 'ok' tu je.Haih sumph rasa lain,rasa nak menangis pun ada but I still there.Lepas balik dari kampung,then jumpa baru okay until today.I miss how you cared about me.You made my day.You give me a very sweet text.Every morning I got morning wishes.Seriously I miss that so bad,I miss the old you.The old Am on we first know each other,on our first meeet and while we're in open relationship.The old Am is soo sweet,caring,and tak kuat marah.Kaaan baby? Kaan :'(

But nevermind,I'm so glad that you're still part of my life until now and seriously,this is really from bottom of my heart,with my sincerely heart,no ego no hipokrit. I really need you and I'm afraid of losing you. Don't leave me k anjeeeee.Me love you so much sweetheart


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