Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy three month anniversary.

Haiiii,hai semua. Sorry lately ni aku malas gilaaaa nak mengupdate blog, plus asyik lepak jaa memanjang mana nak sempat kan.

So baby, Happy three month anniversary, thanks for everything baby.I'm sorry for all my wrong doing toward you.Sorry if I being rough to your or something that hurt you before.I love you sooo much with whole of my heart.and I hope our relation will be everlasting.Take care of it as long as we can sayang.I promise to take care of you as long as I can,and I promise to be a better person for you.Please, on our three month I'm begging you.Don't make me upset.Keep all our promise together, all our memories everyday.Please share everything with me as what you've told me before.If i could,i promise to love you 'till my last breath.That's my promise to you but we can't fight fate.I'm sorry if one day fate seperate us.

If one day,we're not destined to be together, please don't forget me.Don't forget all our good time together,all our picture,all the place that we go together,and almost all that we've done togehter.I just afraid of all this,because people change so easily.And people also forget their promise soooo fuckin' easy.I hope that we can be together forever.Just pray for our everlasting relationship.And,please don't lie to each other,be honest,stick to only one and Insyaallah we'll be together forever.Mybe.

Thankyou so much to all who support us. I love you more than everything baby and once again happy three month anniversary Adham Ramlee


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