Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One month already :3

Trententen, Hi Adham. Happy one month anniversary baby. Aku rasa dah lama gilaaaa dengan kau, padahal baru sebulan hihihi. I try my best to take good care of our relation. K,semalam dia datang rumah aku. Best gilaaaaaa, I miss him so bad :c Please, keep our promise baby. Pedulik orang nak cakap apa, just be ourself.

Let the world fall into pieces tomorrow, let the planets collide and the stars come tumbling down. I don’t need another day now that my dream has come true. Lucky me, now I have you.
Stay with me forever k. I will love you and stay by your side no matter what happen. I smile so easily when I'm with you. Aku taktau nak cakap macamana, hihi speechless. I hope that our relation will be everlasting. I love you so much Adham

Me without you just like. Facebook without friends,Youtube without videos and Google without result.

By: HusnaaZ's

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