Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to me ;D

Hiii and Assalamualaikum, harini nak cerita pasal birthday, lol sorry for the late update-ing. I'm sooo busy hihi. Okay I'm already 14! Kehkeh. I already make a wish on my birthday.

K, Thanks, thanks a lot to all who've wish my birthday.It's been 700++ wishes. I'd really appreciate it.And thankyou so much to Adham and Izatul for the present.You really make my day ;D

K, on my birthday I didn't go to school, selamat gilaa aku tak kena telur, hihi sorry doh korang. Someone come to my house and celebrate my birthday. Like seriously, I'm soo happy, Thankyou.

Okaay Husnaa, sweet fourteen, kbai love you guys soo much

By: HusnaaZ's

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