Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuuuuuuut Cakk! :D

Hello, how are you ? Fine ? Kayy good ♥ Sorry for leaving you alone Mr. Blogger. I was busy with my school activities . Wooo~School were really really sucks this year. My days in school was too boring and after this I might be less active in Blog-ing and rarely post about anything . I want to cocentrate on my studies lessons . Hihi x) I'm gonna miss you Blogger!

Okaay cerita pasal sekolah. My first day in school was so damn damn boringg -.-' I don't even like the teacher's who teach me this year . But the majority of the Form One's student is really really cutes :D

Love ? I don't know what should I say . But for sure,
I already began to love him. But there was a news that said there was a woman who tried to ruin our relationship, but if the thing happened, I cannot put the blame on anyone because both of them were blamed. All decisions is in the hands of men. Btw, I Miss You So Freaking Damn Much Sweetheart :'(

Later, if I have a time, I'll update with the new stories , Boiii

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