Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear God :'(

Hey lovely blogger, I'm too sad right now. I don't know what to do. Everyone is busy laugh,no time for tears. Er my tears fall down every second :'( Hey, I think I don't have to tell you this in the text, I just wrote it here & I know you'll read it. Mybe now,tomorrow,next week,a months two months three moths or mybe a year I don't know when you'll read this.

I think this is the right time for me to express all my feeling toward you. You know what, aku rasa dunia ni macam aku punya je bila kau call && aku dengar suara kau. Yeah it's been a long time I'm not hearing to your voice and then we're texting. Blablablaa I'd online my Facebook and I saw that you request me to be your daughter on Facebook. I don't want to be your daughter, your sister, your grandmother. I'm sorry I can't accept your request. Everytime I came online the first wall I'l check out is You. Yeah mybe you think Imma Stalker. Yeah Imma good stalker ever.

Yeah I admit it's too hard for me to fallin' love, but I don't know why aku boleh suka dekat kau : / I hate this feeling, it's hurt me so much. Bila kau tak text aku, aku tunggu, aku text kau sometime kau tak reply yeah I know kau takde kredit or something else, I'l always wait for your text and your phone call. Sometime I think Imma stupid girl. The post yang kat bawah tu, yang aku cakap aku fallin' love tu I dedicate it for you. You know what, time kau cerita kat aku pasal ex-girlfriend kau tu, yeah kau cakap kau dowm gila time tu, bila kau dah cerita serious aku yang down -,- Mood aku terus hilang but I still there to be your good listener. Selalunya bila orang mengadu dekat aku, I'l give them a advise, but I'm sorry I can't, i just give you a little bit advise on that time. Aku tak tahu nak cakap macamana, I'm really hurt inside I don't know why.

One night aku tak tidur 'caused I can't stop thinking of you. My tears fall down over and over again. I admit it, this is the first time I cried over boy whos not my boyfriend at all. I know you cares about me. Thankyou, I really appriciate it. I've telling my friend 'bout this, everything 'caused she my bestfriend. Dia cakap kau ni 'dah terang lagi mau disuluh' mean dah ada yang baik depan mata, tapi tak nampak lagi er something like that la. And my friend cakap kat aku macamni : 'Kau terus terang je, jangan simpan lama lama and blablabla' Yeah dah banyak kali kau cakap kau nak focus on your SPM, on the first time aku percaya but after you've told me about your ex- I'm not
believe you at all.

Last night we're texting, you told me that you miss me but the reality is, you miss you ex kan? I know that. And i admit it to you, that I love you blablabla and I got the same answer. 'You want to focus your SPM'. Baca je text kau, haaa mood aku tatau lah dia lari mana -,- Then I won't reply your text and you text me again you said: 'I did'nt mean to hurt you' yah I know. Actuallly, you not just wanna to focus your SPM but you still in love with your ex- kan? I know i know. er I'm not jeleous but she don't deserve you, seriously.

Kau cerita kat aku pun, aku dah tahu. If she truly loves you, dia takan keluar dengan lelaki lain, dari situ dah nampak la . Dia nak jumpa kau then dia cakap nak jumpa kakak dia then kau nampak dia dengan lelaki lain hey come on la -,- Er apesal aku emotional sangat ni : / I just don't want anything to hurt you and everything hurt you, hurt me more :( Seriously kau cerita kat aku tu, aku pulak yang sakit hati : / Lastly, yeaah I love you so much, but I know its will never come true and not a reality, it's just a dream kbai.


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  1. tak semestinya org yg kitew syg akan kitew miliki husna .. chill keyh .. pk postif knpa dia kta nk fokus pd spm .. maybe if dia couple dgn husna dia akn skiti husna .. klu kawan dia akan jga husna .. so maybe dia pilih kawan .. pk positif k