Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Miss Her :'(

It's almost 2 weeks I'm in Penang. I really realy B-O-R-I-N-G heree, IDK what to do, bangun tido,makan,megadap laptop,mandi,tengok tv,mengadap laptop,mandi,makan,mengadap laptop,tengok tv,mangadap laptop, tidur. That's my daily activities here -.-

Er, I'm gonna be crazy doooo, someone help me. I wanna go back to Kuala Lumpur. Yeah, i admit I do miss mymom sooo ASDFGHJKLASFG damn muchhhh :( I admit I do crying, i know it's fucking childish, but I really really miss her -.- My phone yang bangsat tu tengah repair and I dunno how long I've to wait, lambatnyaaaaaaa. Dad, gramnma, grandpa, please, Adik nak balik, Adik rindu ibu, I can't stand here anymoree. Oh God, kalau laa aku boleh balik sendiri kan senang :'(

Hm, I got fever. Fever oh Fever , go away . I feel so miserable. Sleep ? I don't feel like sleepy even though my eyes are exhausted . I just want mymom around me , I need her :'(

Dear God, I such to be strong, please. I'm begging youu . Don't let my
tears fall down .

Your Truly -
Husnaa Zynee's

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