Saturday, December 4, 2010

0H GOD, I GIVE UP ? :'|

Ohh well, i don't think so I wanna he's back after we break up. Yeah, I admit I still love him, if I may, i wanna get him back but I was too ego to tell him . I dunno why, until now I can't forget him. Yeah, he already got 'somebody'. You're too kind for me even you're the devil to others, you try to guard my heart. After we're broke up, I cried so many times, I always think about you, I always wait for a message from you, always hope that you name will appear in the screen. But I were wrong because I think like you're mine now . I just can't forget all the time together, all the past -.-

Today, hm -.- about 21 days we're broke up. and today 4 December 2010, 4:07 pm, I told you that I want you back. Ouh, i don't think so that I can tell you that, but I've to try. Okay then, you told me that, you're already got GF, and you said it, 'I'M SORRY' . It's okaay I do understand :) Before that, i think I don't wanna told you, but my friends says like ' cakap jea cakap jea' HAHA, so I try to tell you the truth. :) and I got the answer. It's okaay, i won't blame you at all, I just feel like, sad or else, 'biasa lah perempuan kan' .

And I don't think so I'm giving up because I won't let the one I love goes and I won't let anything hurt you, as you're my world and everything hurt you hurt me more, you've to know that. I wish you could read this post, and you'll know how much I love you , I need you right now right here.

I Miss You, ALWAYS :'|

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  1. Sabar laa husnaa . Hope dea bce ape yang husnaa luahkan . Ape yang terjadi ade hikmahnye . Sabar laa :)