Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I don't know what title I should put on this post.

This post may not very interesting and I don't have anything special to share with. But certainly I was very hurt. My heart'S sick with the boys. I don't know how to believe in 100% of the men. Guys, I'm sorry, it's so difficult for me to trust you. Tension!!!! 'B, I'm sorry if I'am too emotional. but you have to understand the feelings of women. They quickly touched. I did not blame you at all, but pleasee, I think I'm on ignored, I guess I'm not important to you. You asked me to take a time to realise all this? But I cannot, I need you by my side. If I take the time, it may be a month or more. I could not and will not be able. I already told, If a girls miss you, they hurt inside. And if I took my time, I gonna miss you, oh no no no, That's drive me crazy. Okaay imagine that I've wait for a message from you how many hours? I think I wait for ten hours. I'm worried about you. I love you, and I'am sorry because I've was disable my handphone. I don't know, I have no mood to use it. I'am really sorry and I really miss you :( Okaay, I don't know what else I such to say,My McDonald had already arrived. I'm not really happy and everyone told me to buy the Happy Meal, but I would rather choose Prosperity Burger :') Sorry for the short post, See you soon. Boii <3

- Yayyy! Now kitorang dah baik, :) Cause lepas makan Prosperity Burger, aku jadi cool sikit, haha. Iloveyouuuu <3

Husnaa Zynee ;]

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