Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Child,Girl,Woman,Mom,Grandma :)

Guys, you see that title huh ? Actually aku tatau nak post apa tapi aku nak post jugak :) What a boring day -.-' Dulu time Sekolah Rendah, selalunya bagi perempuan la, suka ambik 'Biodata' orang, haha :) So this post will be totally about me and myself ♥

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My name is Nur Aziatul Husna, Azzah and Zaini's proud daughter :') Called me Husna or Adik for short , I don't know why people always call me 'Adik'. I was born on 14th June 1997, and I'm thirteen now. But when people ask me,'Ur age?' and I say it Thirteen'. They won't ever believe me -.-' I'm from Penang, there's the place where I grew up, and now I stay in Ampang . Studying in the one of the sucks school . What a boring school, I don't even like that school and I hate the most of people there -,-' Intrested in English subject and the subject I hate the most is Mathematics. Math, you ruining my life! I have made a little exercise, but I just do not understand at all. That's drive me crazy and I feel so lifeless when I do Mathematics test, and I get Boring -.- But that was the most important subject in life, isn't right ?

I'm the type of person; who really cares about other, kind, friendly, happy to be friends and glad to be friends, forgiving, and people always take advantage on it -.-' tak suka berdendam dan tak pernah ada perasaan dendam, easy to love people and hard to forget them, most of my friends is male than female, easy to shed tears, my brain is crazy insane, love to laugh, I was lazy to take a bath, yeah that's right, haha, I'm 100% sturbborn and and and, *take note jyeahh; I'm the type of person who will never listen to advise(nasihat) no matter good or bad advise, I'l never listen to :) I'm not the most beautiful woman, and not much beautiful, but I'am real, and I really really hate you Faker! Got it ? Good .

Intrested in colour Red,Purple,Pink,Black,White and Brown . Love to 0nline, hang out, writting, and sleep :) When I'm grew up, I want to become a great atcress, model or a stewardess :) I don't know why I really really intrested in Modelling . Love to eat all Halal's Food especially Cheess and Fried Chicken, hee, and really really hate the people who choose the food to eat. Kau makan jelaah apa yang ada -.-' Hate Rempit soo ASDFGHHJ damn much, stupid you wanna kill yourself. Hey, go and kiss the dog's ass , Kimakan Cibaian go to hell bodoh -.-'

What huh ? Characteristic of the man I love ? Walaweh, haha . Boys, take note jyeah :) I want a boys who will love me with whole of his heart, taking care of me like he taking care of himself, Faithful, and love me for who I'am, not for any other reason . Actually loves don't need many condition, it just need two people, one who can trust and one who can understand. That's all I want :) What's up ? Paras rupa hoh ? haha. Not really important to me, I look at those as well .

Note to those people that does'nt like me; I don't know why you wanna hate me for. But for whatever reason you have, please don't pick a big talk,fight with me. It's lame and childish, talk to me nicely. I'm nice when you're nice :)

* I think, it will be end up here .
Boiiii, Loveyaa <3

Your truly
Husnaa Zynee's

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