Saturday, November 13, 2010

13 Dec 2010 - 13 Nov 2010

Saturday-13 November 2010. It's over over over and over . Hm, after dis I admit I do miss you damn much, I hope you bahagia dengan pegganti I, she's can make you happy , she can make you smile and she can take good care of you more than I do . So, after this, no need laa you nak ambil berat tentang I, or apa apa. I tak perlukan semua tu, I was really dissapointed because I though you were better than this but you're just like everyone else. Yeah, I admit, my heart was broken into a million pieces. Mr. A's, I will never forget all the time together especially how we met, it's was the bestbest day ever. Although you might not care I still do sayaang. I know she make you happy, that's make me happy to . I guess I still need you, but I'll try to forget you and I've was really really afraid to lose you. Btw, Thanks, Thanks for everything, 10 months 4 weeks we're together, I really appriciate what you've done to me and I would like to apologize from head to toe if I have made one or more mistake on you . I'll tried my best to forget and forgive you and FYI, you were the best ADIB ZUR'AIN .

* time to move on :'(

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