Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saya rindu NOBITA saya :'(

Youu, you macamana sekarang ? Sehad ? hm, You I admit I do Miss you :'( Youu buad I happy sangat sangat, even sometimes angin baran you datangg :) Youu, Thanks tau, Thanks for everything, I really appriciate what you've done to me :) After dis, dah tade orang yg nak pakse I mandy, pakse I makan,haha . No more kelua hari Rabu, no more tengok wayang,no more pujuk memujuk, No more NOBITA SIZUKA, and no more perkataan "No Adib No Hangout" haha, i do miss the moment too much :'( I miss the way you talk, the way you laugh :) and I miss the way you put your head on my shoulder :( Since I meet you, you've change everuthing in my lifee :) Selama 9 months 3 weeks kita bersama, banyak benda kita lalui, pergi sana pergi sini, yeah, mymom told me that she miss you a lot :) I will never forget all the time together especially how we met, That was the bestbest day ever :) Although you might not care, I still do :)  Yeah, I try to accept the fact and try to forget you, but it's not as easy as you think :) I do care of you even you're not mine, I Miss You Muhammad Adib Zur'ain .

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